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Documenting Art Exhibitions

Our digitized exhibition documentation makes art exhibitions searchable
by: artist / venue / curator / exhibition (catalog) title
across: all / borders / barriers / media / decades (1880 > today) An indispensable source for research: We are offering a world wide service for interactive exhibition histories of artists, exhibition venues, and curators. New insight: Find out more about the reasons why art exhibitions are a valuable source for research

Research and Analytics Service

Exhibitions are since many decades the most important media to show artwork to the public.
Analyzing with the Solo- and Group-Exhibition records of artists, curators, and exhibition venues is an important source. It helps to reveal a picture about the individual profile of an artist, and the concept and profile of an exhibition place.
We share our research on our blog which includes a list of influential exhibitions from 1880 up to the present.
Our research on visualizing art networks based on exhbition data can be found on

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